Carlos Grasso Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media

"What might seem as nothing but a torn piece of canvas or a rusty sheet of metal to be discarded, I visualize as the perfect ingredient for my next piece of work. What might be viewed as worthless scraps of wood or slit fabric I envision as works of art. They speak to me just as much as my paints and brushes, sometimes asking and sometimes flat-out demanding to be included in my art. They are the blood and bones of my current creations.

Artists—in all branches and disciplines—are the preeminent voice of both the collective and the individual unconscious. Art brings to the surface, to our awareness, all the processes that run deep, embedded, and often silently ignored within. As the ancient philosopher once said, the unexamined life is not worth living."

About Carlos Grasso
Visionary Artist and Compulsive Visual Explorer

Carlos Grasso’s personal journey began in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his parents encouraged his interest in the arts, particularly music. As a young adult, while studying figure drawing in workshops, he also studied both piano and flute at the National Conservatory of Music before moving to Paris, where he worked as a professional flautist for 15 years. During this period, he also trained and worked as a graphic designer. After moving to Southern California, it only took one class with master representational artist David Leffel for Carlos to discover a new passion: painting. Over the last 25 years, not only has he transitioned from music to making art full time, he’s also shifted from representational works to abstraction, mixed media and conceptual art. Throughout this period, he has participated in many gallery and group exhibitions, and received a number of awards for his work.

Click on the image below to read the article at The Huffington Post
by Los Angeles Art Critic ShanaNys Dambrot about Carlos Grasso's work in 2015.

Eduardo N. Gomez, Art Critic Nice-France, wrote about Grasso's work: "It’s an adventure to be face to face with a work by Carlos Grasso. It’s never a simple matter and one can’t be certain of the outcome. You may emerge unscathed but definitely not unchanged.
The “9” series, an effective and dangerous work in which a single line draws out unknown feelings like a looking glass in which we read our own reflection. A battlefield on which an ordinary scissor can become a sacred object and res, black and white are far more than neutral colors. These works use us as sounding boards while our eyes wide shut transcend normal vision; this is true art.
Confrontation becomes a magic act, a surprise, because we expect a work to speak of its creator. Here we are facing a work that instead speaks of us, that fulfills the true function of art, an open and generous act that guides us inward toward ourselves.
In other recent works and particularly in “Analog Canvas Deconstruction,” this creeps up on us like caramel coated poison, sweetly penetrating us but when suddenly we sense the danger within, it’s already too late.
Captivated from the start, in minutes we are trapped and then irreversibly transformed. A subtly elegant style and simple approach seize us, hypnotize us and reveal unknown sensations.
André Malraux’s thought, “Art is the shortest path from one human being to another,” has never been more appropriate.


October - Ojai Art Center, Ojai Studio Artists Show
June - Ojai City Hall Gallery
February/March - The Loft at Liz's - The "BLACK" show, Los Angeles
March/June - Ojai Valley Museum, "Scorched Souls" show

December – Gallery 825, “2017 OPEN SHOW”
September/October – Ojai Art Center – “Ojai Studio Artists” annual show
August – Irvine Center for Fine Arts – “All Media 2017” show
June – ART SHARE LA – “Cut it Out” show, Los Angeles
April - Ojai Valley Museum - "Idealism Visualized" Ojai Studio Artists show
March - Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura - "Portraits Show" 2nd Prize, oils.
February - "Make America" show, Gallery 825 - Los Angeles
January - LA ART SHOW - PING-PONG Los Angeles Art Association
January - STARTUP Fair LA - Hollywood, Los Angeles

September - Building Bridges Gallery at Bergamot Station
September - ART SHARE LA "Terra Firma" Show
July - CALIFORNIA 101, 2016
June - Studio Channel Islands Art Center - "The Next Big Thing"
June - Gallery 825 - "Out There"
May - OCCCA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art - "tXtMe"
May - Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura - "Mixed Media and Collage"
May - Gallery V, Ventura - "Art of the Earth"
May - Gallery 825, Los Angeles - "VS"
April - OJAI VALLEY MUSEUM - "Angles, Best of Ojai Studio Artists"
April - ART SHARE LA "Things Fall Apart" Show - Disintegration, ambiguity, entropy, enigmatic abstraction, cautionary allegory or the drama of distressed surfaces, the work speaks to mortal decay or primordial creation and the liminal moment when meaning does not yet fully exist.
March - Salmagundi Club, New York - 83rd Annual National Juried Exhibition (Hudson Valley Art Association)
January - The Oaks Gallery - Ojai

October 10-11-12 - Ojai Studio Artists Studio Tour, Ojai - California
August 1st - Los Angeles - Gallery 825 (LAAA) Annual Benefit Auction
July - Art Fusion Show - Gallery H, Los Angeles
July 18 & 19 - Artwalk Ventura - Ventura, California
July - The Hud - Ventura, California
June - Tokio, Japan - "Art Olympia 2015" First International Art Competition held in Tokyo.
Judges for the show were: Kara Vander Weg (Director of Gagosian Gallery), Gregory Amenoff (Artist, Professor at Columbia University), Eric Shiner (Director of The Andy Warhol Museum / Pittsburgh), Brett Littman (Executive Director of The Drawing Center / New York), Nicolas Touron (Artist, Professor at School of Visual Arts).
May - San Diego Art Institute - "What Remains: Debris and Detritus in Fine Art" show
May - Orange County Center for the Arts (OCCCA) - "Moist" show
April - Buenaventura Arts Association - "3rd Annual Collage & Mixed Media Open Competition"
April - Ojai Valley Museum - Condition Report Ojai Studio Artists Show
April - San Fernando Valley Art Center - "All my best" Show
March - Los Angeles - ArtShare LA: "Finders and Keepers" Show
January - June 14th - The SANTA PAULA ART MUSEUM - DOS DEL SUR (two from the South) - Duo Show with assemblage uruguayan artist Sylvia Raz.

December through February - Los Angeles, The Loft at Liz's - "Hwit" WHITE Show
November - Gallery 825 (LAAA) - "Aurora" Holiday Show
November - Los ANgeles - "FRESH" at South Bay Contemporary, curated by Matt Gleason
October - Santa Cruz Art League - Degrees of Abstraction
October - Ojai Studio Artists Tour 2014-Oct. 11, 12 and 13-2014
August - Artist Portfolio Magazine - article
July - Art Walk Ventura - Group Show
June - Los Angeles - Omnis International Show - Minan Gallery
May - Art Talk at The Ojai Valley Museum
April - Sylvia White Gallery - Collector's Choice Show
April - Ojai Valley Museum - Ojai Studio Artists Group Show
March - Ojai City Hall- Solo Show "Red, White & Black"
January - Buenaventura Art Gallery, Ventura - California

November - Primavera Gallery - Ojai
November - Ojai Art Festival - "DiscARTed"Show
October - Santa Paula Museum - "De Colores" Show
October - Ojai Studio Artists Group Show at the Ojai Art Center for the Arts
July - Artwalk Ventura Group Show
February - Linus Gallery Juried Show - Pasadena
April - Ojai Center for the Arts - Solo Show

January - Tool Room Gallery, Ventura. Group Show "Love"
June - Ojai Art Museum Group Show
October - Ojai Studio Artists Group Show at the Ojai Art Center for the Arts
September - Tool Room Gallery, Ventura. Group Show Contemporary Latin Artists

February - Blossom 2 - Art of the Flowers Juried Show Naples Museum of Art
April - Salon International - 10th Annual Juried Exhibition - Greenhouse Gallery of fine Art
June - Ojai Art Museum Group Show
October - Ojai Studio Artists Group Show at the Ojai Art Center for the Arts

May - Arc Renewal Center International Salon 2010 - finalist
May - Beverly Hills Art Show Juried Exibition

March - Buenaventura Art Association Show, 1st Prize - Painting
April - International Artist Magazine Competition - Honorary Mention

August - Best of Show Ventura County Fair
December - Palm Loft Gallery Juried Show

March Ojai Center for the Arts - Solo Show
May - Phillips Gallery of Fine Art - Carmel
October - Gallery 113 - Santa Barbara

March - Santa Paula Art Association Juried Show, 1st Prize - Painting
April - Santa Barbara Art Association - Best of Show

May - Represented by Gallery Americana- Carmel

February - Represented by Portnoy Gallery - Carmel

2010 Ventura County Star (Profile in Artistic Touch)
2010 Ojai Quarterly (Cover and Cover story article)
2006 June Issue of American Artist (Cover and Cover story article)